Business Consulting

PRO.astec brings together experts from various areas of information systems management, project management and business process management.



IT Governance

The basis for the assessment of process capability is a process reference model (COBIT 5 Process Reference Model), allowing a reliable, consistent and repeatable way to assess the performance of IT processes.



Information Security and Compliance

The PRO.astec security group is a reliable consultancy partner in all areas of information security for medium and large companies, especially for companies that are subject to strict compliance requirements.




General Data Protection Regulation lays down rules on the protection of individuals regarding the processing of personal data and rules on the free movement of personal data.



Cyber Security

The security of information systems and Information is crucial for the operation of organizations. Information and communication systems must be designed, implemented and maintained securely.



Business Continuity

The area of business continuity is a logical upgrade of security incident management, which is an important part of information security.



Service Management

The interlacing and interdependence of business and IT services in today's time requires a holistic approach to managing critical functions, processes and infrastructure of organizations.



IT Consulting

Information environments that support and enable the operation of business solutions and processes are becoming increasingly complex.



IS Audits

We are certified auditors of information systems and act in accordance with the Hierarchy of Information Systems Auditing Rules.



Certification Preparation

Certification is an essential element of the company’s external image, with the aim to show to its customers and clients that their performance is consistent with good practices, that they are a reliable and credible partner, committed to quality management.



Project management

We guarantee to provide experienced project managers, which will enable your employees to deal only with substantive issues while working on a project.



Education and Certification

PRO.astec and Unistar PRO have established one of the largest educational centres in Slovenia and in the region by interweaving complementary education, certification and consulting services.




Companies are already aware of the role of information and cyber security as digital threats pervade their data and information at every turn. Numerous high-profile hacking in corporate IT environments have convinced them that information security plays an important role in a modern enterprise. Accordingly, the role of employees responsible for information security in organizations is changing. Larger companies usually have a Chief Security Officer who plays a strategic role in creating and enforcing security policies of the company and is member of Board of Directors.


The companies are less and less engaged with technologies and increasingly with content. Chief Security Officers today are under tremendous pressure, as their job is to protect key resources of the company: electronic money, customer data, intellectual property and trademarks.


Purely reactive responses to security incidents are not the right answer; business risk management requires a systematic approach. Companies with a range of sensitive business information see the information security as a business rather than a technological imperative.


At PRO.astec, we offer our solutions and services in accordance with the information security requirements of ISO / IEC 27001. With our experience, knowledge and partner links, we can provide our customers with a variety of security solutions, which are divided into four main areas:


  • Information Security and Information Security Management System

  • Security events and security risk management system

  • Multilayered network security

  • End user / device security



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